3 faceted approach: mask drive; Rapid Response Fund; & petition asking folks to put pressure on the government to provide expeditious support to indigenous communities who are being treated as sacrifice zones in this pandemic. Our Indigenous Impact Community Care Initiative works in partnership with Apache; Pueblo; and Navajo communities in New Mexico; in addition to Paiute; Lakota; Dakota; and Ojibwe communities around the country; where need is critical to immediately provide personal protective equipment and reusable masks to communities; distribute Healthy Food to elders and families; redistribute money to fund essential aid to those in need providing on-the-ground care to LGBTQIA+/Two Spirit and unsheltered relatives; and send Indigenous authored books to quarantined families. To Request Resources or Donate Resources URL: https://seedingsovereignty.org/request-ppe working with Pueblo Action Alliance.


Vulnerable communities are hit hardest by crises – especially those that purport to affect everyone. Indigenous communities remaining strong and resilient during this global pandemic despite chronic

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3 faceted approach: mask drive

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